We are a work in progress!

We have learned so much in the 11+ years since we first opened… Please join us and continue to progress with us. We are so excited about the future!

Jody’s Gym is family owned!

Jody and Lynn are both natives of Fort Worth and LOVE our town. We both grew up within 5 minutes of the gym location and graduated from Paschal High School.

Fitness – Family – Friends

When you become a member of Jody’s Gym, you become a member of our family. Your life and your fitness are important to us – you are important to us.

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Personal training and coaching

ThIS is what Jody was meant to do.  You will see it in his actions – you will see it in your results

Jody has ALWAYS been into fitness.  His early career path led him into sales and advertising, but even during those years, he was a volunteer football coach, even coaching with his own Pee Wee football coach for many years.

After one particularly special season, the parents had a dinner for Jody and asked him if he would consider adding off-season conditioning, as they wanted their kids to have access to Jody year-round.  He became a certified personal trainer through the Cooper Institute right away.

After a couple of years of after-school camps, Jody and Lynn decided to make huge career changes, and open their own fitness center.  Jody still trains young athletes, but some of his favorite clients are in their 80s…  It is never too late to work on your fitness!

charles milton – manager, personal trainer, coach, all around great person

Charles Milton has been part of the Jody’s Gym family for over five years.  He is a Fort Worth native and a graduate of Southwest Christian School.  He followed his football coach to Dordt College, and then returned to his hometown.

He is an amazing trainer and motivator, plus a calming influence for all of us.  Besides being our go-to person, he is an awesome husband and dad, plus he also coach football at Lake Country Christian.

We are SO lucky to have him, and you would be too if he was your trainer.

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mitch renfro – He’s back, baby!  We are so happy that Mitch has returned to Jody’s gym!

Mitch and Jody are life-long friends – competitors, teammates, co-coaches, etc.  He worked with us a few years ago and we are thrilled that he is back.  At least during football season, Mitch will normally be there late afternoons / evenings.  Help us welcome him back and get back in the swing of things!